girls that dont shave

Photo by Best DSC!

irish women don’t shave
welding women don’t shave
freak americans don’t shave

hairy women armpits
bushy sweaty arm pits
kerala housewife armpits

air in armpits, girls


Bloggers, have you ever looked at the search terms that find your blog? I used to mine the search terms that found my Laughing Housewife blog for amusing posts, but I turned these particular – and genuine, missing apostrophe and all – search terms into what’s known as a found poem. A found poem is exactly what it sounds like; a poem made up of words the poet has found. Very easy to write! Anyone can do it, because the words are there (wherever you’re looking); you just have to put them together.

I think these particular search terms found The Laughing Housewife because I used to blog about hair a lot – usually my own; sometimes, Julia Roberts’. I took ‘write about what you know’ to extreme lengths, if I’m honest 😉


  1. where do you get a list of search words that lead to your blog?

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  2. Poetry Fluff says:

    On your stats page there is a box that says ‘Search Terms Recorded’. I don’t have any for this blog but I had many for The Laughing Housewife. So many, ‘Search terms That Found My Blog’ was a regular feature for a few years 🙂


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