On Reaching Thirty-Five

It is still my birthday month, so here’s another one I wrote to commiserate with me.

Photo by fu zhichao on Pexels.com


Now my life is halfway through
Already I’ve a taste
For all things sweet and fattening
Ergo: expanding waist


They gave me three-score year and ten
Today I’m halfway there
Soon I’ll double up and then
I’ll have less teeth and hair

Alternative Medicine

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A haiku a day
keeps the doctor away.
Unless a bus hits you.

A haiku is a three-line/17-syllable poem about nature. Technically, this is a senryu, which has the same structure as a haiku but is about the nature of humankind, but ‘A senryu a day’ has an extra syllable and the rhythm is off.

The great thing about writing poetry is that I get to say, ‘Yeah, but…’ whenever the rules get in the way 🙂

So many ‘buts’ in my writing…

On Cuddling My Dog

I’ve got things to do, Licky Moo;
and so have you – I’m sure you do.

You’ve breakfast to eat; then your business outside.
After licking my feet, you’ll lie by my side.

As I watch TV, read or compute,
you’ll wash my leg, there’s no dispute.

You’ll gloss my elbow, drool away,
bathe my face all day. All day.

Yet I cannot refuse a dog so cute,
who loves like you, dear Licky Moo.

Her name is Molly, which became Molly Moo and, inevitably, Licky Moo 🙂

Like Jenny Joseph

This one is inspired by the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph. You can listen to it below or read it here.

Have you ever used a poem as inspiration for your own writing?

When I am old
I shall keep chickens
and live in a half-built house
and dress like a bag lady:
I shall wear an old anorak
and a clashing bobble hat
and jeans more suited to a teenager
and I won’t care what people say
I won’t care what people do
I won’t care what people think
because I’ll be dead before them
and they will go on saying
and doing and thinking
whatever they like
so why should I still
be trying to please them?
I will please only myself
and my hens.
When I am old.