‘The Westminster’ Editor Says

Siegfried Sassoon 8/9/1886 – 1/9/1967

Sassoon sent a protest poem.

I will not print it:
impeding recruitment
is not in our remit.

I can’t find the original article which inspired this poem, but I found some contextual information on Wikipedia:

War opposition and Craiglockhart

Despite his decorations and reputation, in 1917 Sassoon decided to make a stand against the conduct of the war. One of the reasons for his violent anti-war feeling was the death of his friend David Cuthbert Thomas, who appears as “Dick Tiltwood” in the Sherston trilogy. Sassoon would spend years trying to overcome his grief.


At the end of a spell of convalescent leave, Sassoon declined to return to duty; instead, encouraged by pacifist friends such as Bertrand Russell and Lady Ottoline Morrell, he sent a letter to his commanding officer entitled Finished with the War: A Soldier’s Declaration. Forwarded to the press and read out in the House of Commons by a sympathetic member of Parliament, the letter was seen by some as treasonous (“I am making this statement as an act of wilful defiance of military authority”) or at best as condemning the war government’s motives (“I believe that the war upon which I entered as a war of defence and liberation has now become a war of aggression and conquest”). Rather than court-martial Sassoon, the Under-Secretary of State for War, Ian Macpherson, decided that he was unfit for service and had him sent to Craiglockhart War Hospital near Edinburgh, where he was officially treated for neurasthenia (“shell shock”).


The Former Chancellor’s Chance

Default PM Rishi Sunak
Grinned, Hello there, Voters: I’m back!
I saw off Mister J
Can win a GE one day
Britain’s books’ll soon be in the black


A limerick, because the ridiculous state of British politics precludes the use of a serious poetry form.


I’m writing and scheduling this on Monday, so be aware that we might have a different prime minister by today. The way things are going, that’s not even a joke.


The Politician Boogie

I’ve posted this one before but it’s Party Conference season, so it seemed a good time to repost.

They gambol with truth
Feel you up as they flirt
Twist you round and about
To looksee up your skirt

They’re having a ball
While you pay the fare
They tango with facts
And they do it with flair

Their shimmying steps
Will leave you flustered
For politicians
Cannot be trusted

So Much Sewage, So Bring on the Rhyme

Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

Yesterday, I read this on Facebook:

Write rhymes to tell Sunak and Truss how you feel about the sewage crisis!
Poets for the Planet is outraged that the Government’s new sewage reduction plan weakens rather than strengthens the regulations for sewage releases into our rivers and seas.

We’re calling on poets to write rhyming couplets to tell Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to rethink the plan and #endsewagepollution and post them on Twitter on Monday 5 September, the day of the leadership election.

I’m definitely in favour of less sewage pollution, so I posted these on my Twitter feed:

Have resolution!
End sewage pollution.

You have limited days
to save waterways.

Dear MPs think:
You want a public stink?

Do the right thing:
start listening.

New PM Liz Truss
We’ll keep making a fuss…

Sewage must be
disposed carefully.