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Identity Crisis

A family moment, measuring the boys:measuring the boys on their ownmeasuring the boys against each othermeasuring the boys against Dadmeasuring Dad against Mummeasuring the boys against Mum. Son, you’re 5’4”, so that’s two inches taller than Mum.That’s not right. Do it again.We measure again:5’4” and 5’2” No, I’m five foot tall.I’ve been five foot tall…


The modern sequel to baroquemust be jazz composed whilst snorting cokeand wearing three-tiered cloaks.For nothing’s as bespokeas music written for the folksas rich as rich can bewho have dosh to waste insteadof giving it to me,and so little,much too little,very little little little little taste. ***

Beach Box

FoundOn the beachAt the spring equinoxA boxA brown boxA drowned boxA bashed boxA stoned boxA locked boxHad taken hard knocksPounded by wavesOr perhaps pounded by rocksYes, rocks must have been chuckedBy a bunch of drunk jocksI take stockIt is lockedI pound the lock with a rock (o the irony)ThenWhat a shock!Inside the boxThe locked boxThe…


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