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Jerk Chicken

. the henhates menfor the cocklikes to mocklisten to him now:bawk-bawk-bawkrattling oncomplainingalways hensplaininghear him goher harem beauhe surely don’t knowhis reigning roleis waningshe hopeshe’s soonfor the potshe likes thata lotas jerk chickenof courseas the deliciousmain course but it itches her loathingwhilst he’s decomposingdry-rubbedmarinatedhe’ll be tastyso tasty but alsounhated *** *** ***


. You only ever need itwhen you’ve left it on the buson the trainhome in the cupboardsomewhere with no rain. Don’t bother getting cross becauseyou know you’ll do it againand again and again. *** *** ***

Pooh-Poohing a Pejorative Pee-Pee Name

. A little context before you read this one (from the YouGov website); In February of this year, Guardian journalist Sam Wollaston called YouGov out for our lack of data on how many British men sit down to urinate. Kicking ourselves for this glaring omission from our Public Data archive, we have since conducted a…

A Clichéd Life

. At the end of the daycomes tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow;and all our yesterdayshave been and gone. *** *** ***


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