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If you enjoy Poetry Fluff and you’d like to read more of my work, help yourself to this free download of my collection, Wholly Man.

The poems take a chronological look at the life of Jesus as a man, rather than as the Son of God. This Jesus farts, sweats, laughs, and doubts.

Here’s an example:


One of his friends makes a bed in the boat
so Jesus can take a nap.

Forget his powers, miracles and signs:
sometimes, Jesus feels like crap.


If you have a group and would like me to do a reading and Q&A on Wholly Man, I ask for costs if I have to travel; or we can do it over Zoom if that’s easier (and cheaper). Email me for details:

I always welcome feedback, negative or positive. Feel free to leave remarks in the comments, or email me at the above address.

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