My name is Linda Cosgriff. I write poems for people who don’t like poetry.

I hope to make you laugh.

I hope to teach you a little something.

Poetry Fluff is aimed at those who shudder at the idea of poetry.

Don’t be afraid…

Some of the organisations I work with:

Stockport Writers

Above is the short version of my bio. Here’s the long version:

[Aside: conventional wisdom is that the author talk about themselves in the third person. I don’t do conventional and I don’t do wisdom, so I’ll talk like a real person]

My poems have appeared in magazines, anthologies, textbooks, shops, galleries, ezines, and on BBC Radio. They have been set to music, turned into art, and sent to Mars. For several years, I edited a small church magazine. I write occasional articles for one website. I once had a one-act play staged at Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre.

I’m a founder member and former chair of Stockport Writers, a not-for-profit group which aims to encourage newbies to writing. I’m an active member of Write Out Loud, the UK’s largest poetry organisation, which encourages poets to read their poems aloud to others. I deliver readings and workshops to various community groups and charities in Stockport, and I’m writer-in-residence for two community groups and one charity. I facilitate group poems for up to 40 people at a time. I once spent a day writing ‘instant poems’ for around fifty people, based on three facts they shared about themselves.

I’ve got a BA (Hons) in Literature from the Open University and an MA in Creative Writing: Poetry from Manchester Metropolitan University.

My first collection, Wholly Man, is available as a free download on this blog.

My second collection, Hormoanal, was published in 2019 by Matthew James.

I am @laughwife on Twitter but I’m a technept and can’t make it link to the icon above.

I love making people laugh and I love encouraging people to read poetry and write anything. It doesn’t have to be good; it just has to be tried.

If you’d like to leave a poem in the comments, be my guest 🙂