Wood Work

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

The carpenter was hooked
Three nails was all it took




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Humpty Dumpty: View from a Tabloid

Dumpty: Did he fall or was he PUSHED?

Chick Claims: He was the best lay I ever had!

A Soldier Speaks: My Part In His Downfall.

Palace: Spokesman reports that the King offers his
‘deepest condolences’ to the family.

Wall: Latest Pictures!

Friend: ‘I BEGGED him to go on a diet.’

Comment, Page 8: When will the government act?

The Wall’s Too Tall: Six million signatures on our petition demanding that the Government restrict the height of all walls to six inches.

Sports Pages: Scramble to join latest wall-leaping craze.



Fun Poetry Fact #3

E, E, Cummings (often written as e e cummings), in his collection, No Thanks, published in 1935, lists fourteen publishers who rejected him. It is said to be in the shape of an urn, but it looks like a goblet to me. I’d say that either he was suggesting his success was built on the ashes of his enemies; or he was drinking in celebration that the fifteenth time’s the charm, but in fact, he self-published the collection and this was his dedication page.

Cummings was an important, influential, and successful American poet (and more) of the 20th century, but he obviously still felt every rejection.

The Politician Boogie

I’ve posted this one before but it’s Party Conference season, so it seemed a good time to repost.

They gambol with truth
Feel you up as they flirt
Twist you round and about
To looksee up your skirt

They’re having a ball
While you pay the fare
They tango with facts
And they do it with flair

Their shimmying steps
Will leave you flustered
For politicians
Cannot be trusted