Lap of Luxury

Inspired by a Sign in Stockport Hat Works Museum

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

Ladies’ Fleecy Knickers
11 1/2 pence

For warm tickles all day
That’s money well spent





  1. slpmartin says:

    Hmm…a friend just sent me a set of laws from various country that are a bit questionable…Did you know that ” Russia makes it illegal for shops to sell lacy underwear for women
    In Russia, lacy underwear is effectively banned in Russia under regulations that were introduced in 2014.

    A customs union made up of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan introduced a regulation which requires clothing to contain at least 6% cotton for ‘health and safety’ reasons.
    Underwear that does not meet this requirement – which includes lacy lingerie – is not available in those countries. The production and importation of the underwear has also stopped.” and so it goes…Charlie 🙂

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    1. Poetry Fluff says:

      Wow. That is fascinating. Thanks for sharing! I love trivia.


  2. sarsm says:

    I’ll buy some!

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