Supremely Irritated (With Good Reason)

Note: please excuse the spacing. Our internet is down and I’m typing this on my phone, which adores double spacing and can’t be persuaded otherwise.

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I’m tired

I’m always tired

I’m weary

I’m often weary

I’m exhausted

I’m so tired of feeling exhausted

Is it age?

Is it health?

Is it ennui?

Is it me?

No, I know the culprit

I know what bears the guilt

That’s why

I wanna slap ya

Sleep apnoea


Another poem from Gill Lambert’s Summer Retreat workshop. I also managed a serious poem about domestic violence, not suitable for this blog.



Wake up with a start

At 12:43

Knowing that summat

Is bothering me

My poetry blog –

There’s no post set

So I wrote this quick

It’s all you get


And here’s the original version, typed bleary-eyed in the middle of the night:

Waje uup with a start

At 1243

Knowing tthat summat

Is bbothering me

My poetry blog –

There’s no post set!

So iI wrote this quick

Its aall u get