A king went swimming in his crown.
Not being a merman,
He drowned.





  1. Ron. says:

    A king took a dip in his crown
    but (being no merman) he drowned
    I’d be willing to bet
    that his crown jewels got wet
    and his queen, at the castle, just frowned.

    She’d told him to stay home and rule,
    but the King was a beach-seeking fool.
    She knew that he oughta
    stay out of the water
    or at least stay home by the pool.

    But the oceanside called to The Man,
    saying “Come here! Come play in my sand!”
    When he took a quick dip
    water seeped through his lips
    and his lungs just couldn’t expand.

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    1. Poetry Fluff says:

      Haha! Brilliant, Ron! You’ve outpoemed me here 😀

      Would you mind if I shared this on the blog and introduced you as a guest poet?

      No worries if not x


      1. Ron. says:

        By all means, feel free to share away. And THANKS!


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