An Ode To WordPress, The Object Of My Affliction

This poem was written back in 2014, when I blogged as The Laughing Housewife. In those days, WordPress strongly encouraged its bloggers to blog and – once the novelty of blogging had worn off and I all I felt was guilt if I didn’t post something – I strenuously resisted. And by ‘strenuously resisted’ I mean, ‘wrote a bad poem which I’m pretty sure no WordPress Employee ever read’.

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When I do not write
You prompt me to
Bloggers not blogging
Reflects badly on you

When I do write
You spy on me
I must object

But let’s be fair
This ode is crap
Are you really sure
You want me back?



  1. how did it encourage bloggers to blog?



  2. Tom says:

    It isn’t that bad, Tilly. I have worse somewhere on my blog! 😊 (also WordPress, and I never got Freshly Pressed… not that I was counting or anything)


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