The Yorkshire World Perspective

One author’s critique of a friend’s new book

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There’s war abroad

Needs more grim

The government is criminal

Needs more grim

There’s sexism/racism/transphobia

Needs more grim

The fascists are taking over

Needs more grim

Food prices are rising

Needs more grim

We’re running out of fuel

Needs more grim

The shop shelves are bare

Needs more grim

There’s a shortage of tea

It’s grim oop north


For my non-British readers, a little context: Yorkshire, in the north of England, is renowned for its tough, matter-of-fact, can-face-any-hardship people. They are also considered to be a little dour; and they drink a lot of tea.

The last line is a famous saying from I know not where. It refers to earlier times when the north was full of mills, machinery, and pollution, thanks to the industrial revolution; when people -including children – who had worked in the fields were forced to work in factories and live in slums.

The ‘oop’ is a written rendering of ‘up’ in a Yorkshire accent.

Honestly, I hate it when poems need so much exposition, the explanation is longer than the poem; sorry about that.



  1. I appreciate the explication

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