A Belated Happy Anniversary To Me

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

I’ve been so busy, the first anniversary of this blog’s inception slipped by unnoticed. I do feel I need to celebrate it, however, as I wasn’t sure when I set it up that anyone would read it, but people do (mind blown).

I’m going to celebrate like it’s Christmas TV, so here are some repeats:

This is the very first poem I posted, setting out my stall from the beginning i.e. silliness mandatory.

Six-Word Mystery

Who’s is this

Something’s afoot…

(Note that the poem is centred, thus adding to the festive feeling)

Here’s the second poem, introducing the theme of this-poet-has-no-filter:


Like a purple bum
In the bowl
Juicy and sweet
Tasty to eat
You fill up
A snack-sized hole

There’ll be a few more repeats for the rest of the week, as I figure that most readers won’t have gone back to the beginning of this blog once they were sucked in to the madness, and therefore won’t have seen these poems.

It’s all done in a spirit of celebration (and desperation, as I’m out of ideas for new poems at the moment).

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