Vincent van Gogh

A landscape in which the starry night sky takes up two-thirds of the picture. In the left foreground a dark pointed cypress tree extends from the bottom to the top of the picture. To the left, village houses and a church with a tall steeple are clustered at the foot of a mountain range. The sky is deep blue. In the upper right is a yellow crescent moon surrounded by a halo of light. There are many bright stars large and small, each surrounded by swirling halos. Across the centre of the sky the Milky Way is represented as a double swirling vortex.


Vincent Willem van Gogh
Loved vivid blues and yellows
(or should that be yellogh?)
Chopped his ear off
In a dreadful huff
Didn’t feel enough
Cause: scornful rebuff

His head was sure a mess
At least, that’s what I guess
Since he died so long ago
You can say I just don’t know
How bad was his depression
This is merely my expression
Ergo: a post-impression


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